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25 Beginner Makeup Tutorials

Perhaps you’re just starting to wear makeup, and you’re not quite sure how to get started. Or maybe you’ve never worn it before, but you’d like to start. Whatever the reason, learning how to apply makeup can be intimidating… but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 25 easy beginner makeup tutorials that will help you get started.

1. Easy Matte Lip Tutorial

3 matte lips makeup

This straightforward tutorial will show you how to apply liner and lipstick in a way that looks beautifully matte, a great style for work or any other special event. Make your way over to Not Your Standard to find out how to recreate this look yourself.

2. Three Product Smokey Eye

4 easy smokey eye tutorial

This lovely smokey eye look is easy enough for even beginners to pull off, with only three products and a simple application process. Head over to La Petite Noob to check out the simple process. And she even claims that it only takes three minutes!

3. Easy Day To Night Look

5 cat eye beginner makeup

This makeup application technique is easy enough for beginners, and versatile enough to go from day to night without having to change much. Make your way over to Sugar and Soul to find out how to achieve this look yourself (and to see styling tips).

4. Gilded Eye

2 gold eye makeup

Show your glam side with this gorgeous gilded eye look. Natalia will show you how to do the entire process with photos, and she also shares links to the products that she likes. Head over to Ma Nouvelle Mode to check out her thorough tutorial.

5. Smokey Eye With Eyeliner

1 easy smokey eyeliner

This pretty eye shadow and liner combination looks complicated, but when you see how it’s done, you’ll realize that it’s actually much simpler than you might imagine! Just make your way over to Pretty Plain Janes to find out exactly how to achieve this look.

6. Perfect Mascara

10 apply perfect mascara

Learn how to apply mascara perfectly every single time with this simple tutorial. McKenzie explains how to layer the different products, and she also shares what her favorite products are. Head over to Girl Loves Glam to find out all the details.

7. Romantic Red Lip Look

7 romantic red lip makeup

This show stopper look is perfect for a date or a night out on the town with the girls. The bright red lip is the main appeal, but the subtle yet glamorous eye helps to complete the style. Find out how Chelsea creates this romantic look over at her blog Olive & Ivy.

8. Zoey Deschanel Inspired Makeup Look

8 zoey deschanel inspired makeup look

This fun, playful look was inspired by the always-stylish star Zoey Deschanel. The key to this style is the shiny pink pout and the lined eyes. Make your way over to Girl Loves Glam to find out all the details about this fun-loving, colorful makeup look.

9. Easy Contouring

6 how to highlight contour

If you’ve been interested in learning about contouring and highlighting, here is your chance. Dana over at The Wonder Forest will teach you all about the basics without making it overwhelming and complicated. Head over to The Wonder Forest to check it out.

10. Simple Summer Look

9 summer face tutorial

If you’re on the hunt for a super easy summer makeup look that will last all the way through the heat of the day, this might be the look for you. The berry pink lip and light liner make it a perfect candidate for a day to night look. Find out how to do it here.

11. Easy Brow Fill Technique

15 brows before after pic

If your brows leave a little something to be desired, this straightforward tutorial will teach you how to fill them in with pencil in a natural way. And the process is easy enough for any beginner. Head over to Makeup and Macaroons to find out how to do it.

12. Easy Special Occasion Makeup

14 easy holiday makeup

If you’re intimidated by heavier makeup application… don’t be! It is much easier than you think. The key is to know where to have a heavy hand, and where to have a light hand. Make your way over to Pretty Plain Janes to check out this great tutorial.

13. Conceal and Correct

12 simple concealer

Are you in need of some concealing techniques to cover up stubborn acne or scars? Well here’s a great tutorial that will teach you the basics of concealing and correcting trouble areas. Make your way over to Camille Styles to read all about it.

14. Three-Minute Face

11 three minute face

Here’s another great tutorial – the three-minute face! Yes, you can achieve a similar look yourself in under three minutes. The key is to choose a few key color-packed products and skip the rest. Check out the full tutorial over at the Girl Loves Glam blog.

15. Day To Night

13 day to night makeup

This is another beautiful day to night makeup look that will surely serve you well. Here, a light gray eye and a shiny pink lip will keep you looking stylish all day and into the night. Head over to Pretty Plain Janes to check out the full photo tutorial.

16. Summer Bronze Smokey Eye

17 summer bronze smokey eye

Brighten up the smokey eye for summer with this easy tutorial that incorporates bronze shadow for a lighter twist on the classic. And it’s easy enough for any beginner to try! Make your way over to Marie Claire to check out the full photo tutorial.

17. 5-Minute Makeup Pop

19 blue eye makeup tutorial

Add some serious color to your face with this unique and super simple little adjustment – pale blue liner underneath your eyes! The trick is to make sure the line sits as close to your eyes as possible. Check out the full photo tutorial over at The Beauty Department.

18. Fresh and Bright Eyes

20 colorful eye tutorial

Here’s another super eye-catching way to step up your makeup game…. with some purple and peach eye shadow! The peach blends in with your skin tone, while the purple adds a bit of drama. Head over to Beauty Angel to see the simple tutorial.

19. Effortless Morning Routine

18 4 minute professional look

If you’re looking to add a bit of makeup to your morning routine, give this easy look a try. You will look super professional without wasting a ton of time in the morning. Make your way over to Levo to find out how to do it by watching a short video tutorial.

20. Shimmery Eyes

16 eye shadow shimmer tutorial

If you’re looking for some shimmer in your makeup look, you might consider this lovely style that includes a light lip and lined, shimmery eyes. So pretty, don’t you think? Make your way over to Lulus to find out how to achieve this look yourself.

21. Copper Eye Tutorial

25 copper eyeshadow makeup

Give your eyes some metallic color with this incredibly copper eye shadow application tutorial. There are a few steps involved, but the directions are easy to understand. Head over to The Makeup Geek to see all of the step-by-step photos for this tutorial.

22. How To Fake Fuller Lips

23 fake fuller lips tutorial

Perhaps you weren’t blessed with lips as full as you’d like them to be… beef them up a bit with this genius tutorial that’s quite simple to achieve. The key lies in strategic lip liner placement. Head over to Cosmopolitan to check out the whole tutorial.

23. Clean and Natural

Michelle girard photographyMichelle Girard Photography

If you’re on the hunt for a style that looks extremely natural yet still professional, this might be the look for you. The key is to choose lighter colors and less pressure. Head over to Michelle Girard Photography and Design to check out all the details.

24. Blush Tutorial

22 blush tutorial

Learn how to properly apply blush with this super simple tutorial from the Beauty Department. They will help teach you where exactly you should be putting your blush… including one surprising place! Make your way over here to check out the instructions.

25. How To Apply Fake Lashes

24 how to apply fake lashes

If you’ve been dying to try fake lashes, but you’re a bit overwhelmed and intimidated… give this tutorial a look. They show you exactly what to do using close-up photos and simple-to-understand descriptions. Check out the full tutorial at Beautylish.

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