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44 Stunning Vintage Waves Bridal Hair Ideas

When I think of a vintage-inspired bride, I instantly imagine her with a retro waves hairstyle. It’s one of my all time favorites and I’m sure that it can be such an alluring option for brides who are looking for some usual updo alternatives.

Vintage Wavy Updos

A vintage wavy or curly updo or low updo is always an option if you want a hairstyle that would be picture-perfect during the day and very refined and with a vintage flair at the same time. There are various pin curl updos accented with lovely embellished hairpieces, just choose and enjoy!

a low updo accented with vintage waves that frame the face looks very chic and very elegant

a 70s inspired wavy boho half updo with a voluminous top and long wavy hair down

a vintage wavy low updo with a large bun and some locks down for ultimate elegance

a super chic wavey low updo with color accents and a matching makeup for a modern yet vintage-inspired bride

a retro low updo with waves is 20inspired and very chic and bold, add vintage makeup and go

a gorgeous pin curl hairstyle with a volume on top is a lovely option to rock

a fantastic vintage wave updo with a low twisted bun looks ultimately refined and very chic

a catchy pin curl vintage low updo looks lovely and bold and catches the vintage feel

a bobby pinned curly hairstyle is a sophisticated and chic hairstyle for a vintage-inspired bride

vintage glam waves look very chic and very stylish, they can accent any bridal look

long vintage waves accented with a birdcage veil and a burgundy lip look very elegant and vintage-inspired

long dark vintage waves accented with a long veil look very elegant and refined

gorgeous long blonde vintage waves with a volume on top by Rita Ora

glam vintage waves on short hair with a bump on top look very chic and very elegant

elegant vintage waves on long blonde hair look veyr chic and feminine and give you a princess-style look

a vintage wavy hairstyle with an embellished hairpiece on one side and a glam makeup with a fuchsia lip

a very short curly bob hairstyle with side parting is a bold vintage-inspired idea for a bride who loves that

a romantic long curly hairstyle with an S-lock to frame the face and a refined embellished hairpiece

a classic vintage wavy shoulder length hairstyle with a sleek top is a timeless idea

a classic one side vintage wavy hairstyle on blonde hair always works for any bridal look and brings elegance

a chic vintage wavy hairstyle with a side fringe and a small volume on top looks very stylish

vintage waves one one side and raised up hair on the other side for a one side half updo that wows

Hollywood waves on one side are a statement hairstyle that will fit a vintage bride

long elegant waves with wavy fringe look very chic and very romantic, even on super long hair

long luxurious vintage waves on chestnut hair is a very chic and exquisite option that will highlight your look

very long blonde vintage waves will make your look very refined and very chic

vintage Hollywood waves on short hair are classics that always works, whatever hair color you have

a sleek top and some vintage waves down is a very elegant and chic hairstyle that rocks

vintage Hollywood waves on short hair looks very chic and elegant and a flower hairpiece brings a feminine feel

dark vintage curls on medium length hair is one of the favorites of Lana del Rey

long amber hair in vintage curls looks very elegant and such a structure highlights the color of hair

dark vintage curls on middle length hair look very chic and elegant and highlight your feminity

vintage waves on long dark hair look very chic and elegant and match many outfits

middle-length black hair with vintage curls looks perfectly stylized and very accenting and bold

vintage waves on one side accented with a large embellished hairpiece look very refined and chic

vintage Hollywood waves in a half updo with a voluminous top and a beautiful embellished hairpiece

a classic Hollywood wave accenting long dark hair looks chic and bold and never goes out of style

short Hollywood waves on blonde hair is a non-typical addition to an ultra-modern bridal look

classic Hollywood waves on short dark hair is a great idea that always works for any vintage look

short dark hair with curly edges looks very vintage-like and very chic, such a hairstyle will complement many refined looks

vintage curls and waves are chic and stylish and will complete any vintage look you have

classic sleek waves on long blonde hair look chic and timeless, such a gorgeous look always works

elegant long Hollywood waves with an embellished Juliet cap veil for a chic vintage look

elegant Hollywood waves on middle length fair hair is a chic idea for a modern girl

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