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25 Chic Bridesmaids’ Updos For Any Style

Even if the bride has chosen some dresses and accessories for you, you can still show off your style with shoes, makeup and hair. We’ve already shared some cool bridesmaids’ hair ideas, and today I’d like to continue with this topic and share the most popular type of hairstyles for bridesmaids and brides, too: these are updos.

There are lots of kinds of updos – braided, twisted, buns and many other, and you can also find different combos of them, too. The updo can be messy or sleek, there are options for short, medium and long hair, and ideas for any style. Let’s have a look at some cool ideas to try and maybe you’ll find a perfect option for yourself here.

Braided Updos

Braids are the most popular hairstyles now, and they are here to stay. Braids are effortlessly chic, trendy, girlish and easily fit many outfits and looks. There are different kinds of braided updos: with a side or back braid, with a braided crown or a braided bun, it can be up, on the side, on the back or around your head and there are also double braids – here everything depends on your hair length. Messy and sleek, usual and fishtail – find what you like and make it to look awesome.

a double braid updo with some locks down for very long hair looks wow

a messy braided low bun updo for a modern and trendy look

a messy side braided updo with locks down looks very modern and cool

a super elegant diagonal braided updo with some locks down and a rhinestone

a braided crown going down to a low bun for those who have long hair

a braided updo with a low braided bun is a timeless idea that suits many styles

a braided updo with some locks down and a small hairpiece for an accent

a cool fishtail braid updo with some locks down and a hair vine for a girlish look

a large sided braided updo with a low bun and some locks down is super chic and refined

a simple braided low crown is a cool option for not very long hair

twisted braided updo with a cool texture and a small hairpiece on the side

braided and wavy updo with some locks down looks amazing with ombre hair


Bins of all kinds have become very popular too because they are very chic, there are lots of options and you don’t need long hair to make one, medium hair or even rather short hair can be done into a bun. First of all, these are low buns – sleek ones for a more elegant look and messy ones for effortlessly chic looks. There are twisted and braided buns, you can find some with volume on top or messy hair down, it’s up to you what to rock. Top knots are also actual, if you want a more formal look, it’s a great idea. Accessorize your hair with hairpieces or bows for a cute touch.

a low twisted bun and locks down is suitable for short and medium hair

a messy updo with a rhinestone hairpiece and some locks down looks effortlessly chic

a very messy updo with a low bun and locks down for a casual and effortlessly chic look

a simple twisted low bun is suitable for long and medium length hair

a top knot accessorized with a velvet bow is a classic idea to try

a small bun and some messy hair on top for a modern effortlessly chic look even for rather short hair

a twisted large low bun is a very chic option, which will easily fit a more formal look

a twisted low bun with some locks down and a pretty small hairpiece

a voluminous updo with a wrapped low bun and a small feather hairpiece for an elegant touch

an elegant twisted low bun with a volume on top and some locks down

Other Ideas

There are more ideas: low twisted updos, various chignons that are comfy even for short hair – you can create an illusion of longer hair with them. Get inspired and be gorgeous!

a very messy updo with twists and locks down for short hair looks very chic

a modern elegant bridesmaid’s updo with a low bun, locks down and a rhinestone hairpiece


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