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30 Trendy Neutral Wedding Nails Ideas To Copy

Most of brides choose neutral wedding nails as these are the most traditional idea that usually fits all the bridal styles. But neutral wedding nails don’t mean boring ones, there are lots of ideas to personalize your neutral wedding manicure, and we’ve gathered the coolest and trendiest ones.

Shiny Neutral Wedding Nails

Neutral wedding nails can be spruced up with shiny, glitter touches and embellishment to add a touch of sparkle or highlight your glam style. Go for an accent nail with glitter of the same color or go for shiny metallic touches, try rhinestones on just one nail or on all of them creating various patterns. Try shiny metallic stickers – these can be vertical or horizontal stripes or you can highlight the shape of your nail with a thin stripe. If you want a refined and quirky touch to your manicure, think of oversized rhinestones on one or two nails, they will make your manicure very sophisticated. You can mix up some of these ideas or go for two, for example, to make your nails ultimate.

nude nails and two accent ones done with glitter are amazing for a refined bride who loves glam

shiny blush nails with rose gold glitter is a gorgeous idea for a glam or NYE wedding

a blush wedding manicure and a white glitter accent nail for a winter or just glam bride

a grey and white wedding manicure and a shiny glitter accent nail for a stylish neutral look

a grey wedding manicure highlighted with large gold rhinestones for a refined bride

a shiny blush wedding manicure with rhinestones and a silver glitter ring finger for a chic and glam look

an ombre French manicure with shiny rhinestones on ring fingers is a frehs take on the traditional bridal choice

blush wedding nails accented with little rhinestones is a very cute idea with a girlish feel

blush wedding nails and shiny glitter beads that accent the ring finger are great for a any modern bride

grey wedding nails and an accent silver glitter one will fit a fall or winter bride very well

matta neutral nails with gold stickers that will give a shiny and modern feel to your manicure

matte grey squoval nails with accented ring fingers – large pearls, rhinestones and gold for a refined bride

matte lilac nails with a touch of silver and an accent watercolor nail in white and silver for a winter bride

matte off-white bridal nails with a touch of gold glitter on two of them are very chic and stylish

matte white nails and two accent nails done with silver leaf for a slight glam and shiny touch

shiny neutral nails with silver vertical stripes are a modern and fresh idea for a bride

shiny white nails with a large rhinestone on the ring finger is a chic idea for a bride who loves glam

a grey wedding manicure is a timeless idea that always works for most of brides

a shiny off-white wedding manicure is always a stylish idea for a bride, it will work for any style

almond nails with a slight French manicure is a chic and stylish idea with a modern feel

blush nails with a tiny quote on the ring finger - choose your favorite quote about love and relationships

blush wedding nails with large white stars look cute, a bit imperfect and very dreamy

grey and white nails with two watercolor accent ones look very tender and very romantic

matte nails of a very natural shade will look as if there’s no nail polish on

neutral almond nails with silver stripes on the ring finger is a stylish and chic idea for a modern bride

ombre French nails with two marble accent nails and a touch of gold glitter are very trendy

shiny blush nails are classics that fits every bridal style and is always actual to complete your look with elegance

shiny blush nails with an accent on the ring finger with a white and gold glitter feather for a bride

shiny blush wedding manicure and the ring finger accented with white and gold glitter for a winter bride

shiny white nails and two accent ones with a touch of mother of pearl look very feminine and chic

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