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Manicure Ideas for Orange Enthusiasts

Everyone knows that summer time is the time for bright colours that make you feel cheerful, confident, and happy. There are plenty of these colours out there, but one of your very favourite summer shades is orange! In fact, there are so many gorgeous shades of orange that, depending on which kind you choose, you can get away with wearing orange into other seasons than summer too. One of the best ways to subtly incorporate your favourite shades of orange into every outfit is, of course, to get an orange manicure!

Check out these 15 adorable orange nail designs that will brighten up your day every time you look down at your finger tips!

1. Orange wedge nails

Orange wedge nails

We love the contrast between this bright, shiny orange colour and the matte pale yellow in the half moons. Painting a half moon at the bed of the nail adds a subtle pop of colour that still lets your main colour pop while still making things visually interesting.(Photo via Nail Nerd)

2. Orange and pink marble

Orange and pink marble

The water marbling technique has been around for a number of years now, but we’re still not over it! Check out how utterly gorgeous this bright orange and coral-pink combination is to understand why we’re still in love!(photo via Kerruticles)

3. Orange with white and blue dots

Orange with white and blue dots

Simple polka dots are a great way to jazz a solid colour up just a tiny touch, but this style is particularly cute because the dots are layered rather than simply scattered across the surface of the nail. We love the attention to detail it displays.(Photo via Pins Place)

4. Shades of orange

Shades of orange

If you’re certain that you want orange but you can’t quite decide which shade to go with, don’t stress! This orange gradient idea is a great way to combine many different shades without letting things clash. Paint each nail a different shade or consider starting with the lightest orange on the thumb and working your way down to a darker orange pinky nail.(Photo via MTV)

5. Orange and grey

Orange and grey

Orange and grey contrast in a way that’s very trendy right now! It’s simplistic and modern but still provides a bright colour, with the grey giving a more neutral balance to the look. Of course, orange is the focus here, so paint one or two nails grey and let the orange shine through on the rest!(Photo via Deviant Art)

6. Orange oranges

Orange oranges

This design takes the word “orange” completely literally and we just adore it! The look uses that half moon design we spoke about earlier but with a few extra details to make each moon look like a yummy orange slice! This design is a great opportunity to put your painting skills to good use.(Photo via Nail Nerd)

7. Orange, white, and black abstract dots

Orange, white, and black abstract dots

We love the way that black, white, and orange contrast and draw the eye in this design! We also love that you could create basically any pattern with your dots and it would still be detailed looking and aesthetically pleasing.(Photo via Nailopolis)

8. bright orange braid

Bright orange braid

If you’ve ever seen how pretty braided ribbons look in different colours, then you’re probably just as pleased as we are to learn how to recreate that look right on your own finger nails! You can choose any colour combination, of course, but we love the way this orange, yellow, and pink look contrasts. We also love the idea of painting at least one more accent nail orange as well!(Photo via Nails by Kayla Shevonne)

9. Orange with silver glitter

Orange with silver glitter

Glitter will glam up absolutely anything! We love how it adds a touch of shimmer to an already bright look without taking it over the top. Try this one out and watch it sparkle in the summer sun!(Photo via Kiss and Makeup)

10. Orange with half moon rhinestones

Orange with half moon rhinestones

Remember our beloved half moon technique at the nail beds? Check out this design that leaves your “moons” empty of polish instead of contrasting in another colour. Rather than stopping there though, provide a little extra something to your orange tips by gluing tiny rhinestones along the line where the polish stops!(Photo via The Nail Blog)

11. Orange French manicure

Orange french manicure

Sometimes keeping it pretty simple is the best way to do things. Of course, you still want to display your favourite colour! An easy French manicure with a bit of a bright twist is a great way to go about it.(Photo via Champagne Taste)

12. Orange and pink dots and lines

Orange and pink dots and lines

Pink and orange together is one of the brightest and most fun combinations we could imagine! Polka dots and angled lines display the colours in a really fun way. If you want to give them an extra pop, paint a beige or neutral coat base coat rather than painting the colours straight onto your nail.(Photo via Alyce Paris)

13. Orange French manicure with flower art and glitter

Orange french manicure with flower art and glitter

Sometimes we find that we’re just in the mood for a look that involves basically everything! This design is one of those and we adore it. You’ve got a French manicure with orange tips, free hand painted flowers made of simple dots, and a glitter top coat to finish it all off!(Photo via Wise She)

14. Orange velvet manicure

Orange velvet manicure

We weren’t sure how to feel about velvet nails when they first started trending but the more we look at them, the more we love them. The way the tiny grains stick to your orange base coat amps up the colour and gives them a bit of awesome texture that we just can’t pass up.(Photo via The Daily Varnish)

15. Orange and white dots and half moons

Orange and white dots and half moons

Combining techniques for more creative designs is one of our very favourite things to do! This one lets you use precise little polka dots, but also go back to that half moon nail beds technique we’ve talked so much about. We’re big fans of how bright the orange looks against this stark white, but any complementing colour will go well with orange in this cute design.(Photo via New Beauty Blog)

Do you know someone who loves nail polish and adores the colour orange? Share this post with them for a little bit of manicure inspiration!

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