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60+ Cute Summer Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Hello, sunshine! With festivals, beaches, and sundresses on everyone’s minds, you’re going to need some cute summer hairstyles to complete your 3-month dream story.

What better way to discover them than through a carefully curated list with the best summer hairstyles of the year?

With braids, scarves, and updos galore, our selection includes chic and useful ideas for all hair types.See how you can fabulously beat the heat, stay cool, and glow with confidence this summer, and all below!

With summer and high temperatures, having long hair becomes a major nuisance and many women even consider a shorter cut at this time of year. But, for those who do not want to get rid of the locks and still manage to soften the heat in a practical way, the solution is to appeal to hairstyles that leave the neck and neck exposed.

Here are some possibilities, ranging from hairstyles that hold all your hair, for days when you can’t keep your neck out, to hairstyles that hold part of your hair or let your hair down, for those who won’t let go, even in the heat . Check out:


Practical and fast, the bun is a versatile hairstyle that never goes out of style, can be done on any type of hair and used on the most diverse occasions.

Among the many possibilities for using this hairstyle, there is the low, more traditional bun; the high bun or ballerina bun, which is on top of the head; side bun, knot bun, fan bun and shredded bun. All of them can be assembled in a more structured or more stripped way, with loose threads, or more bulky, always depending on the occasion when it will be used.

In the video below, blogger Niina also teaches how to make a stripped fan bun, great for use in more informal situations.

Twisted hairstyle

More than just a hairstyle, the twist is a kind of “decoration”, which can completely change another hairstyle, such as a bun, braid or ponytail.

In addition to being simple, it is a very feminine hairstyle and can be used even with loose hair.

To do this, it is necessary to separate and twist small strands of hair in the desired direction, attaching to the sides of the head or behind. Use staples and fixative spray for the finish.


For women who do not like or do not want to tie all their hair, there are also options that combine very well with the summer climate.

The first of these options is semi-prey hair, a romantic hairstyle that looks great on both straight and curly, voluminous hair.

To assemble it, just pull a few strands from the top of the head back and secure the strands like a ponytail, with elastic or buckle. Alternatively, it is possible to make the ponytail as if it were the beginning of a Greek braid,


It is possible that the ponytail is the first hairstyle that every woman learns to do. Simple and fast, it’s great for hot days and when there is little time available for a more elaborate hairstyle. But it is not because it is so simple that the ponytail always needs to be the same.

In addition to the possibility of using the most diverse accessories, such as rubber bands, tiaras, buckles and bows, the height at which the ponytail is made makes all the difference in the look, as well as the combinations. You can combine the ponytail with tuft, loose threads, knots or small braids, for example. You can also do a tighter or messier hairstyle, all depending on the style and the occasion.


Braids, in addition to being practical, are very useful for creating romantic looks and for dealing with the days when hair doesn’t want to collaborate. And the variety is immense. There are more straight, more stripped, traditional, inverted, inlaid, side braids, fish scale type, maxi braids, braided headbands, braided buns and a multitude of possibilities.

In the following video, blogger Niina Secrets teaches how to make a built-in braid and an inverted inlaid braid.

 Natural waves

Wavy hair combines a lot with summer, beach and heat. For those who already have naturally wavy hair, the secret is to achieve a natural effect without arming. This can be done with the application of a mousse or fixative spray on the damp wires, which must be kneaded by hand, from the ends to the length, and then dried with a diffuser.

See too:


For those women who don’t have wavy hair, or want to achieve a more striking effect, just follow one of the tutorials below. In the first, Victoria Emi explains how to make waves very similar to natural waves using the board. In the second, Jéssica Flores shows how to achieve the same effect with babyliss. And in the third, Mari Leon shows three alternative techniques for those who do not have or do not use either a board or babyliss. Check out:

Hair with wet effect

The hair with wet effect, in addition to being fast, practical, and hardly moving, is very suitable for summer, as it gives the impression that the person has just left the bath or the pool. The look ends up transmitting a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, but to get this effect to last for a long time without arming or spoiling, it is necessary to apply a good gel combined with fixing spray.

A good tip to make the wet effect more beautiful is to mix a little coconut oil or some other finishing oil to the gel at the time of application. This ensures extra shine and prevents the gel from drying out the hair.

In fact, when it comes to gel, always opt for alcohol-free formulations, which are less aggressive to the hair and also have excellent fixation.

During those scorching months, long hair can often prove to be a nightmare. However, when styled wisely, you can end up with some of the prettiest hairstyles you’ve ever tried.

To flaunt the length of your locks while keeping it cool, tie a bandana as a headband for your half up hairstyle.

See More: 48 Pixie cut Ideas: Tips to adopt this cut full of style and charm

When you peel back the layers, summertime is really all about living your best life. Why not celebrate the season with a brand new makeover? You can get a pixie cut for the occasion and skip the stress of excessive styling altogether. Chill Side Braids

If you’re a chill girl, an easygoing side braid might be just what you need for your summer hairstyle. Pick your most flattering side and create a curved braid starting from your part. You can also look into other braid styles if you want to extend your range of braiding skills.

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