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50+ Hottest Short Hairstyles for 2020: Attractive Short Haircuts for Women

Contrary to what it may seem, short hair is not at all monotonous. In fact, it is light, practical and can be your greatest ally on hot days. In addition, styling for short hair is easier than it looks. Whether for day to day work, a walk on the weekend or for an important party, there is always a possible hairstyle.

Everything is valid: abusing textures, accessories, volumes and different techniques. See these inspirations, check out some tutorials and get ready to venture out with your locks.

Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

The straight hair is already known to have easy maintenance and low cut length only helps in this regard. Braids , hairpins or pinning your hair to one side are little tricks that can make your hair stand out. These hairstyle inspirations for short straight hair will give you ideas of what to do to vary the look.

Hairstyles for short wavy and curly hair

The volume of wavy hair and curly is key to make them even more powerful hairstyles. Have great ideas with inspiring photos, choose your favorite and rock it!

Combing and taking care of hair can also be an exercise in self-love! So choose your favorite hairstyles and go to the front of the mirror without fear.

If there are still doubts, a great tip is to coordinate the hairstyle with the rest of the production. For example: if you are going to use large accessories or an elaborate neckline, how about a bun or hair combed back?

Hairstyles for short hair for Bob and Bang and wavy

Graduates with short hair can also enjoy the occasion without having to lengthen the strands. The functionality of the short locks can be adapted for a graceful hairstyle, it is worth trying out props, using babyliss, making a brush or adding a lot of volume.

This beautiful bob cut looks almost sculpted from pale gold metal. The graduated bob is a timeless style which always looks highly contemporary, because of the sharp angles from back to the longest lengths at the front. With one side pushed behind the ear and the piecey fringe creating a golden strip ending at one beautiful brown eye, this metallic-blonde cut and colour is flattering, young and totally now!

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Short Hairstyle – Short Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

For an eye-catching hairstyle that will ensure you are always centre-stage, brighten up your bob with an all-over blonde shade like Alice. The hair is gently curved under on one side and flipped out on the other, creating a fabulously casual look that’s pretty, but not too girly. This style is suitable from most hair types and can really show off fine, silky hair, too.

And one thing never changes; men find women with a peek-a-boo fringe fascinating, because part of your gaze is hidden from view. This challenges some men, who will be irresistibly drawn to you by a need to look into your partially veiled eyes!

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This boy cut is perfectly balanced to frame Anne’s face with the two side-points giving a nice feature which links the top and bottom of the face and shows this pixie is a trendy style-setter. The hair is closely-cropped at the sides and on top creating a nice touch of natural body. And the forward styled top has great texture, which ends in a micro-fringe one side to soften the line and add a hint of contemporary asymmetry.

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