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41 Trendy And Chic Messy Wedding Hairstyles

Natural looks have become a huge trend in the world of fashion and in the wedding world, too. Subtle makeup, messy hair and flowing airy gowns with no fuss are hot more than ever. Highlighting your natural beauty is a great idea to show off and not to hide behind various bold details. Besides, natural looks don’t require much effort to create and can be updated any time you need it.

If we speak about messy hair, this is a great idea for almost every season: in the winter your hairstyle can be damaged with snow and too much wind, though if you go for messy hair, it won’t look that bad and can be easily renovated. In the summer it can be too hot, and if you use too much hair spray, the hair will look dirty, while a messy hairstyle will give you a nonchalant and chic look.

Messy hair means that you will always look picture-perfect, chic, trendy and that you can find and DIY any hairstyle you want because most of them are easy. It also means that in case of bad weather conditions your messy hair won’t be spoilt in a minute and you can re-make the hairstyle easily in case you need it. Interested in options? Let’s see what you can try.


Updos are the most popular bridal hairstyles of all times because they are timeless, elegant, there are many options to realize and every bride will find a hairstyle for her long, medium or even short hair. An updo is a guarantee that in the summer you won’t get hot cause of hair, and in the winter the strong wind won’t spoil your hairstyle in a few minutes. Wavy, braided, twisted and other types of updos will perfectly fit almost any bridal style, from boho chic to modern. Accentuate your hair with a hairpiece, a headband or a headpiece of any kind to look even more gorgeous. Fresh flowers are another popular idea for romantic looks, especially garden ones.

braided messy updo with a flower hairpiece will be great for boho brides

braided updo with tiny locks all over

elegant messy updo with no accessories looks chic

finish your boho or just romantic look with a messy updo and a gold headpiece

medium hair can be also styled into an updo, top it with fresh flowers

messy blonde wavy updo with a gold hairpiece

messy braided updo with fresh flowers

messy braided updo with fresh roses

messy hair updo with a crystal headband

messy short hair updo with a boho headband

messy updo for long hair with a crystal hairpiece

wedding updo for medium hair with no accessories

very messy updo with tiny fresh flowers tucked in

wavy messy updo with locks to frame the face

very messy updo with a twist

soft messy updo for a modern bride

updo with locks around the face

updo with fresh flowers and lots of locks hanging

such an easy messy updo can be made by yourself and renovated when needed

romantic tousled updo looks cool on hair with lowlights

messy updo with a crystal tiara

messy updo with locks framing the face

messy updo with a small crystal accessory for an accent

messy wedding hairstyle updo with flowers


Braids are getting more and more popularity and messy braids are no exception. If you are having a rustic, garden, boho, beach or desert wedding, this is right what you need to look trendy and feel relaxed. Pair your braid with a large floral crown and you’ll get a flawless look.

thick messy braid for hair with highlights to create a texture

slightly undone bridal braid is great for beach and boho weddings

messy braid and a baby's breath crown for a summer bride

messy braid and a large fresh flower crown


Ponytails are also popular, and messy ones look very boho-like. They can be just messy or braided, twist or curly and so on – it’s up to you and your looks.

braided ponytail with baby's breath

soft pony wrap hairstyle

messy low ponytail for hair with lowlights

messy braided

delicate wedding hairstyle with a bun and a crystal hairpiece

French-style messy twist is great for modern weddings

side updo with fresh succulents and flowers for a desert wedidng

messy half-down hairstyle with fresh flowers

messy hair top knot for a wedding

messy half up, half down hairstyle is classics

half down hair with a crystal hairpiece to accentuate it is definitely a steal-worthy hairstyle

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