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34 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles With Curls

Curls always look 100% feminine, this is perhaps the most feminine hairstyle ever. Curls fit all kinds of bridal styles: boho chic, classic, modern, glam, garden or woodland; such a hairstyle is amazing itself and can be also decorated with jewels of all kinds and headpieces. But usual long curls aren’t modern and can look too boring, so if you want to rock them, why not find a perfect curled hairstyle? Today I’m sharing the coolest wedding hair ideas with curls that are sure to give you a girlish and chic look, there are hairstyles for every type of bride!


An updo is one of the most popular hairstyle types among brides because it looks chic and refined and is long-lasting, so you’ll look picture-perfect during the whole day. Besides, updos look amazing with veils and flatter any face type, so many brides prefer them.
Choose a curled updo of any kind you like: a top knot, a side swept or a low updo, there are lots of ideas to try for every hair length. Messy hair is a hot trend for weddings, so why not try a messy updo to look effortlessly chic? Just let some curls hang here and there, make a curly bang and you’ll look like a nymph. Combine curls with braids for a boho chic or just laid-back look, or with twisted hair to make your updo more eye-catching. A curled updo looks cool itself but you can always accentuate it with jeweled pieces, with fresh flowers and greenery, which is another hot wedding trend right now. If your hair is ombre or balayage, it will look more eye-catching in an updo, and bold colors are also pleasing.

a crown of roses sits a top of a curled bun, with pieces pulled out here and there for an ethereal do

asymmetrical curled updo with side bangs

chic and messy curled updo looks very trendy

braided updo with a bang and curls

braided and curled updo, a little bit messy

braided and curled updo with cool textures

chic curled updo with side bangs

curled and braided updo with gardenia flowers

curled updo with fresh flowers and greenery

curled updo with a cool jewel hairpiece

messy curled updo wwith a chic vintage jewel

twisted and curled updo with a rhinestone headpiece

twisted and curled updo is perfect

such a curled updo is amazing for any hair length

messy hair is a trend, and this messy updo is right what you need to look hot and effortlessly chic

curled top knot with a couple of hanging curls

curled updo on medium hair and fresh flowers

a braid on top and loose curls for long hair

a braid with curls looks very boho-inspired

a chunky braid with loose curls

a curled ponytail looks amazing if you have long hair

braid with curls looks chic and relaxed

curled half updo with a headpiece

curls with a chunky braid for a no-fuss style that will last all day

elegant and glam half up half doww with curls

elegant half up half down wedding hairstyle with divine curls

glam ponytail with curls

half up half down copper hair with curls

half up half down long hair with curls looks stunning

soft waves and curls on long copper hair

romantic half up half down hair with loose waves

heavenly half up half down curls with a sparkling headpiece


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